Thursday, January 30, 2014


Day two on the road painting turns into new colors on one of the glaciers. I am having a hard time painting this road structure in a loose and sketchy way and find that I keep trying to make it into a "good" painting rather than letting it be a place to play and learn (must pull out some bigger brushes and break a few other habits). But even if it never works out, it did lead me to discover some colors needed in the glacier. I used to worry that my painting process was not more linear. I mean, come on, I work from photos... But I am not so interested that the painting be an exact copy of the photo, so the process becomes more an exploration of light, color, and landscape. Often I will start the day on one painting, mix a color, and realize it's just the one I've been missing in another (and for the record, it seems usually to be some kind of pink). Haphazard but not really. And even though some paintings never make it out of the studio, they are never a waste of time.

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