Saturday, February 25, 2012

A new post at long last!

It's not that I haven't been working...  Here are several paintings in various states of progress (forgive some of the glare - lighting in the studio is difficult).
Top to bottom:
A house in Brentwood just after Christmas.  Not sure if you can see the icicle lights in this photo.  40"x50"
Some power plants in the east bay.  Shot the same day as the house.  34"x56"
A tank in the east bay.  28"x50"
Black Crater update.  This is from Lava Beds National Monument.  A crazy place.  50"x40"
Orchard update.  This one's almost done.  34x50"
A refinery in the east bay.  Lots of work to do on this one. 34"x50"
A seascape.  We were at North Beach at Point Reyes on a very foggy day.  This combined with some messed up printer settings made for an atmospheric reference image.  Approx. 30"x40"