Sunday, March 17, 2013

Trace monotype

Today was the conclusion of the trace monotype workshop with printmaker Jenny Robinson. It was a wonderful class full of experimentation and beautiful work. It's always so fun to see the ways other artists tackle a new medium, and the results were amazing!

This process involves rolling ink onto a plate, covering that plate with Japanese printmaking paper, and covering that with a piece of trace paper onto which a drawing is made. The Japanese paper picks up ink from the plate when marks are made on the trace. The resulting print looks like a hazy, fuzzy drawing, onto which you can add layer of color or more drawing (see the top two images). The plate can also be printed to make a negative of the trace (the bottom five images). The process depends quite a bit on the original drawing, and results are fairly immediate. In fact, you don't even need a press to make the first image.  But I love how the negatives look and am excited to play some more with them.

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