Sunday, December 9, 2012

In Process

Still lots to do on both of these paintings.  The house is approximately 34"x56". The landscape is a view from the road through the Alabama Hills to Mt. Whitney.  It's 42"x60". I'm having fun/going crazy painting the sagebrush.  

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Tittin Rinde said...

Please Heidi,
don't finish your canvases!
You're far too talented to go on making the perfectly finished ones that you exhibit.
Please continue painting from "the corner of your eye" and continue what you call craziness.
I'm not saying this only looking at a couple of paintings, I have actually looked all you have posted.
I general the unfinished ones you're showing are really wonderful. Leave it to the viewer's imagination to add the final tough, that way you engage us.
You already know the hard work, so I wish you lots of success and hope you will want to face some craziness!