Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Studio

Here's a photo of my studio looking mostly like it does when I'm working.  I usually work on one or two paintings (one on each easel) at a time and up to four or five in one day.  All those other paintings stay on the walls - I am quickly and sadly running out of space.  My process is a little scattered.  Most of the time, I'll plan to work on a particular painting and end up mixing a color that's exactly right for another one.  The first painting is quickly forgotten.  Only very rarely do I spend an entire day on one painting, but that does occasionally happen when I'm in the mood to revisit a particular place.  I don't necessarily work in series, though something that happens in one painting will inspire further exploration, and before I know it, I have three seascapes or a bunch of oil tanks.  Lately the paintings have been getting bigger and bigger.  It's hard to switch back and forth between small and large, but I'm happy to say that canvases that seemed immense earlier on now feel very manageable.

 I am in the studio working from 8:30 or 9AM until 6PM weekdays. The studio space itself is about 15'x20' in a larger space which I share with five other wonderfully talented artists.  It's housed in a former Best Foods mayonnaise bottling factory in the Mission district and is full of other dedicated artists.

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