Friday, November 12, 2010



Todd Keller said...

First off love your paintings.
Wanted to ask how do you get your super sharp edges on your mechanical works? I think because your lighting is so on, it makes them look even sharper. Do you tape off? or is it all hand?
Thanks, when you have time,

heidi said...

Thanks, Todd. The sharp lines come mostly from a combination of flat brushes (the newer the better) and the occasional use of a straight edge (an old wooden ruler now covered in paint). I have a tendency to slope everything down to one side, so I use the straight edge to keep me honest. But as often as not, it's just very careful placement of the edge of a flat brush. And I think you're right about the lighting. High contrast between the edge of a hard surface and the space behind it tends to make the edge look sharper. I don't use tape because the paint seeps underneath.